you don’t seem to know what I do for a living, even though I said so in the essay, or that I did this on nights and weekends because unlike Fragile Nassim’s RWRI racket and royalty stream from entertaining-if-stupid books, I have a real job. my career is doing just fine, thanks.

an actual rebuttal would be entirely welcome, although obviously you have none, because I have in fact proven everything I set out to.

he absolutely styles himself as a Bitcoin expert, when in fact he is an imbecile. he doesn’t “see its potential” because he doesn’t understand a fucking thing about it.

he clearly DID want to bash Ammous publicly. if you think otherwise, he has you hoodwinked. that’s okay, though, he has a lot of people hoodwinked.

I think you might be in a cult, mate. phone these people when you get a moment alone:

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maybe a squirrel. maybe not.

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