strong start. bold. arresting. you got my respek!

"so Taleb didnt see your own genius."

*didn't. anyway, hmm, not quite. he is a cultish, fraudulent, cowardly, bullshitting, charlatan. it's really not as much about me as you might think.

"some kind of glorious revolution."

exactly. I am starting an anti-cult cult. wanna join?

"maybe you shouldve practiced writing a little bit"


"and not make a hate-post your first one."

it's not hate, it's satire. but there is plenty to hate in culty, fraudulent, cowardly, bullshitting charlatanism, so maybe one day I'll tell you what I really think.

and it's not my first. it's like my third. maybe this one will be more your speed:


"is said to be"

oh, so you didn't read it. interesting.

"stretched content"

on which you are the authority, not having read it.

"simple twitter search"

believe it or not, some conversations happen off twitter and I'm not sure you are able to search them.

is that all?

Written by

maybe a squirrel. maybe not.

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