Soul In The Game

photo by Gianluca Carenza, via Unsplash
woah. I don't know about you but that looks pretty deep. I bet the rest of the talk was awesome too.
if this doesn’t make Noah Smith read my blog then clearly nothing will.
proof of stake. proof of work will come when I read it and write about it intelligently.
miss you, grandpa 😊
“now, you see, allen, to get a “yield”, you must first have a capital stock you nurture and replenish. growth is nice, but diligent maintenance and the duty of care come first. you have to understand that nothing that matters is only about you, but all who came before and all who will come after, as well” — “I want a pop tart.” — “pay attention, knucklehead! I am a lawyer at a bank, I am your elder, I am very handsome, and I am very wise! this will all make sense and will be useful in twenty years when you are writing pretentious nonsense about bitcoin!”
meme by me. petition to get Gladstein to change his cover pic here.



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allen farrington

allen farrington

I’m an investor. I think about things. I write some of it down.