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you take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes

photo by Benjamin Sow, via Unaplash

“Globalism” is a slur and not what anybody calls themselves. So let’s call them “internationalists”. Internationalism rules the world, and while it has many merits, it has several fatal flaws if taken too seriously. Unfortunately, it is taken far more than simply too seriously: it is the predominant religion in the Anglosphere, and since the Anglosphere won the war of 39–45, it has been colonially imposed on most of the world.

Of course, we have all sorts of euphemisms to describe why the most potent colonialism in history is really leadership and progress and SWIFT, but, ultimately, this particular flavour of colonialism is a terrifyingly efficient American distillation of an originally wacky and dysfunctional German idea, funded by capitalism, and employed by the State Department with the Defence Department as their morally compromised goons. The Defence Department is particularly tragic in all of this, because they naturally resist this societal menace, but their hands are tied given they value duty, loyalty, and hierarchy over power. And good for them. But, sadly, when stupid presidents give stupid orders, the ethnic minorities and the hinterland whites obey said stupid orders to the death.

Anyway, none of this is the end of history. It is just what happens when history’s brake pads fail. But now history has crashed into a tree called the coronavirus. We have the chance to pause and consider that maybe this truly nightmarish global regime could — and maybe should — come to an end. And, better yet, making the red pill awfully good lookin’ these days, is that had it ended 6 months ago (or 1 month prior to Yarvin publishing), this global disaster never would have happened.

It’s interesting that Yarvin refers to Urbit as “land,” considering his feudal aspirations. Everyone being able to own their own digital land seems at odds with Yarvin’s belief that only the worthy, high IQ CEO-kings should rule. On the contrary, Urbit is described on its website consistently as a “republic,” where “property rights are contingent and accidental, not moral or meritorious.”



I’m an investor. I think about things. I write some of it down.

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