P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Sincere apologies for the endless last-wording here. I hate this kind of thing (in real life far more than Medium or Twitter) but this is an important point to make that I think puts a nice bow on this exchange, and cedes a lot of ground to you as a gesture of good faith. And also I know you and a few others will see it …

… I know full well that I am not the good guy in this situation. Nor am I trying to be. I’m trying to out-Taleb Taleb, and Taleb is a c***, so I am therefore aspiring to be the c***’s c***.

That’s what I was going for with repeatedly quoting Cersei and Omar. They may be admirable and interesting, but they are not “good”.

My motivations are (mostly, but not entirely) selfish, and any good I do will surely be a side effect of having lots and lots of fun:

Finitissimo :P

P.S.S. seriously, email me. I owe you a beer.

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