Money, Banking, Bitcoin, Libra

there are no necessary or sufficient criteria for ‘money’. Anything that enhances the ability to create universal credit will do.

Photo by Fabian Blank, via Unsplash
photo by Tim Evans, via Unsplash
Photo by Rafael Cerquiera, via Unsplash
The Fractal Rabbit Hole of Bitcoin. Great idea by Miles Suter. Not so great graphic design by me.
Photo by Con Karampelas, via Unsplash
“How about a corporate haggis that is pretending to be an open haggis?” — Andreas Antonopoulos in Edinburgh, 19/6/19, the day after the release of the Libra white paper.
n.b. this is real, not a joke or a fake. see here for more.

maybe a squirrel. maybe not. views my own, not my employer’s.

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