great stuff, Gigi. a few reflections:

"most people don’t like to talk about it, either because they have little and are ashamed, or because they have lots and are afraid."

I think an important reason you missed is that, prior to Bitcoin, they have never had to talk about it in a remotely philosophical way, and therefore it is embarrassing to reveal they understand so little about something so important. And besides, nothing in their real life depends on improving their understanding (so far) so why invite such intense intellectual discomfort?

"demonetizing these and other assets in the process."

I'm really starting to think that pricing in $ is going to be confusing and unhelpful in the long run. We should try to normalise something like "fraction of global monetary base". After all, if everything really does get priced in sats, it will become impossible to track progress.

Great job! I shall indeed be sending this letter ...

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