Anatomy Of A Hit Piece

Photo by Marco Lenti, via Unsplash

“But what struck me particularly at the time was the extent of the savagery of our comrades, the ‘activists’. There were so many who proposed the most cruel punishments for a man whom they had deeply respected only the previous year. I had the feeling that their violent hatred of Traicho was for them a personal organic necessity. They had this need to hate, and Stalin satisfied it. When the news of his hanging was announced, there were some who started dancing. An insignificant doctor, who within a year would rise to be the head of the government hospital, walked along the corridor of the sanatorium declaring that this was the happiest day of his life. This was no fanatic madness but rather a necessity dictated by his servile instincts. For it is noteworthy that all these comrades hated Traicho Kostov publicly. They hated him when others could see and hear them. They hated him because such hatred was richly remunerated, it was rewarded like a heroic deed. Do not think that the great majority of them believed in his guilt. If any of these people who were so full of hatred says that he did believe in it — he was either infinitely stupid, or he is simply a liar. I could see that they knew Traicho to be innocent, but they seemed to be engaged in a mad competition in which everyone lied to everybody else claiming that he was guilty.”

“A great many people, branded as enemies, had to pay dearly. However, if I thought then that some of the cases were the result of error, it became obvious to me later that justice and injustice had nothing whatever to do with the matter. The important thing was the process of separating people out, for it was aimed at instilling universal fear and confusion.”

photo by Max van den Otelaar, via Unsplash
image from PBS
photo by Jakayla Toney, via Unsplash



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